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Sports Therapy/Sports Massage in Colchester, Essex

A Proven Way To Help Change Your Life - Now located at PlayGolf, Bakers Lane, Colchester

The Ross Knevett Sports Injury Clinic, based in Colchester, provids multiple sports injury and sports massage services and techniques to accurately diagnose & treat a multitude of conditions.

With over 16yrs experience including a decade within International sport, the sports therapy clinic uses various techniques such as joint mobilization & manipulation similar to practices used with an Osteopath or Chiropractor as well as sport massage & other deep tissue therapy such as soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques & finally Electrotherapy & Ultrasound, practices commonly used by Physiotherapists.

Ross Knevett and his team assess, test & diagnose those aches, pains & conditions so we can effectively treat & repair using the above practices & techniques to their best, most relevant solution.

When something becomes damaged, such as a car, we become aware due to the warning lights to signal a problem. When such an event happens, we seek advice and a solution from the professionals, in this case, a Mechanic.

Your body has a similar system but where we differ is our body utilizes indicators such as inflammation/swelling, discoloration/bruising, pain & reduced range of motion as signs to increase awareness of any problem however, we ignore those signs & continue doing our daily activities until the problem worsens, such to an extent that the timescale to resolve the injury & become pain free increases as does the financial cost.

Many of us suffer ignored pain, considering it part and parcel of our everyday lives. Others suffer more serious symptoms, directly effecting how they live day to day. Amazingly, over 300 million work days are lost through injury in all walks of occupational life; be it heavy lifting, driving or simply sat at a computer.

Sports Therapy is often mistaken as a practice applied only for athletes, resulting in a great deal of people missing out on a proven way of eradicating pain.

Whilst we are using our techniques to help our sports men and women reach their goals and succeed beyond all their expectations, the same techniques can and are applied to people, like you, who suffer from what you deem to be 'normal' aches and pains.

Daily lifestyles and working lives can be changed. Your participation in sports and ability levels in exercise greatly improved.

In short you can have a pain free life. Contact our Colchester Clinic today...

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